Body of Tanzanian Soldier Killed By Mozambican Insurgents Repatriated

    A body of a Tanzania People's Defence Forces' soldier, who was reportedly killed by Islamist insurgents, has been returned to the East African nation. According to sources, the soldier, Abdallah Idrissa Mahanyu, was one of several people were attacked and killed by the insurgents near the Tanzania- Mozambique border on Friday. It is still unclear as which side of the border the attack happened. Also, it is still not known if the other people killed were also soldiers, although initial reports indicated they were Mozambicans.

    UJASUSI BLOG reported on Sunday about a terrorist attack on a Tanzanian village of Kiwengulo which happened on Friday. As expected, restrictions on access to information put in place by Tanzanian authorities since the conflict began made it unlikely to get any confirmation. These restrictions have led to an increasing reliance by the media on Mozambican sources that have contacts in Tanzania rather than drawing directly from Tanzanian sources for news of insurgent action in Tanzania.

    According to sources, the deceased soldier was given last respect at Lugalo Military Hospital in Dar es Salaam on Monday, before the body was transported to his home village in Chalinze district, Coast region for burial.

    Evarist Chahali

    Evarist Chahali

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