A Tanzanian fighter among the 16 Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorists killed by the Ugandan and Congolese forces this past Sunday.

    A Tanzanian fighter is among the 16 Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) jihadists killed by the Ugandan and Congolese forces this past Sunday.

    The joint forces made offensive attacks against the rebels after the militants killed 20 Congolese citizens in Kikura, south of Nobili border point – about 7 kms from Busunga border post of Bundibugyo district.

    The fighting took place at Kilungu where the joint force also captured three fighters, 8 guns and 80 rounds of ammunition of PK machine gun, 45 rounds of ammunition of 12.7mm AAC assorted items including drugs and seven SMG and IPK machine guns.

    Defence officials on Friday morning identified the Tanzanian fighter as ‘Nfurusi’.

    “He was one of their (ADF) gunners for 12.7mm anti-arcraft (AAC),” said a source who preferred anonymity to speak freely.

    “Nfurusi was killed with the rest,” the source added.

    The killing of Nfurusi comes hardly a month after the liberation of several areas under the so-called ‘Death Triangle’ in the eastern part of Dr Congo.

    On February 15, the joint forces said they had completed the takeover of Mukakati, Eringeti, Kainama, Boga, Tchabi and R Semliki Bridge which were previously no-go zones for the IS-linked fighters.

    Land Forces commander, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba recently revealed that during the Sunday operation, the allied forces also rescued more than 12 children who were enslaved by ADF.

    UPDF has since vowed not only to fight and defeat ADF but substantially degrade their ability to wage war in future.

    Gen Muhoozi put the death toll of ADF at 1,000 since war on the militants commenced on november 30, 2021.

    “But to the people of North Kivu and Ituri, our joint operation is going to terrorise the terrorists,” he added.

    ChimpReports understands UPDF and Congolese forces found mass graves of at least 500 dead bodies of ADF fighters near Kambi Ya Yua.

    The joint forces further killed another 200-300 fighters at Belu III on February 8 at the beginning of the Phase II of operation Shujaa.

    Gen Muhoozi said ADF in the next phase, the allied forces will target all ADF commanders.

    ADF Commander, Benjamin Kisokorania, was recently captured near the DRC-Burundi border.

    The former ADF supreme commander, Jamil Mukulu is held at Luzira prison after being captured by Tanzanian intelligence officials in 2015.


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