DR Congo: 3 Tanzania United Nations peacekeepers injured when M23 militia attacked a UN base in Rutshuru

    The army of the Democratic Republic of Congo, FARDC, has announced that three Tanzanian soldiers serving in the United Nations peacekeeping force MONUSCO have been wounded when M23 militants attacked their stronghold at Rutshuru.

    MONUSCO has confirmed that three of its soldiers have been wounded and taken to a hospital in Goma in the east. In a statement, the Congolese government army said one of the soldiers had been seriously injured.

    The M23 group says FARDC and MONUSCO forces were the first to launch an attack on their stronghold in the Jomba area on Monday.

    This comes as fighting continues for four days in a row between the two sides that erupted after a week-long ceasefire - ongoing fighting in the Rutshuru area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNorth Kivu.

    MONUSCO has declared war on the Congolese army, the FARDC, which is fighting M23 fighters.

    Tanzania has more than 800 troops in the MONUSCO force serving in the Eastern DRC.

    In a statement issued Wednesday night, the DRC army, the FARDC, accused Rwanda of sending a special force of 500 troops to help M23 fighters, saying they had come dressed in green and black.

    The Rwandan government for its part has repeatedly denied support for the M23, stressing that their problem lies within their own DRC.

    The M23 group on Wednesday also issued a statement accusing the government of "choosing a course of war", with its forces collaborating with MONUSCO troops and militants of a Rwandan group accused of carrying out the 1994 FDLR genocide.

    The M23 announcement states: "Choosing a war for the Congolese government instead of peace talks, is a problem in restoring peace in eastern DRC".

    Meanwhile, the DRC-FARDC has announced that the resolutions of the Goma summit in Goma to form a special task force to fight militant groups in eastern Congo, will be presented before a meeting of military experts and military chiefs. of the 15th and 19th of this month in Nairobi Kenya, before being approved by the regional presidents.


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