Head of Sudanese intelligence agency Gen Mufaddal and Ethiopian spy chief Tarouneh met recently, discussed challenges facing the two countries.

    The Director of Sudanese Intelligence informed his Ethiopian counterpart that Sudan adheres to its internationally recognized borders according to the 1902 demarcation.

    This came during a visit by General Ahmed Ibrahim Mufaddal, Director-General of the General Intelligence Service, the Presidency of the Ethiopian National Security and Intelligence Service, in preparation for the participation of the Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in the "Tana Forum" held in Ethiopia in mid-October.

    Mofaddal discussed, during his meeting with Temsgen Tarouneh, Director General of the Ethiopian Authority, the challenges facing the two countries.

    Lieutenant-General Ahmed Ibrahim Mufaddal indicated that Sudan remained supportive of stability in Ethiopia without taking sides with any party, categorically denying the existence of any camps of the Tigray Front within the Sudanese borders.

    General Ahmed Ibrahim Mufaddal said that Sudan's foreign relations and interests with its regional surroundings and all countries of the world are based on Sudan's strategic interests and not at the expense of other countries in the region, indicating that dialogue is the best way to reach common benefits and interests.

    The Director-General of the Sudanese intelligence service noted the need to find solutions to the issues of Sudanese investors in Ethiopia and the problems of the communities in the two countries, noting Sudan's hosting of a large number of Ethiopian refugees.

    The First Security Preferred General concluded his statements with the importance of the two countries' keenness to develop ways to combat terrorism and organized crime, and that the security services of the two countries play their role in addressing the challenges they face in light of the political and societal will, stressing Sudan's readiness to enhance cooperation with Ethiopia while preserving Sudan's strategic interests.

    For his part, the Director-General of the Ethiopian National Security and Intelligence Service, Temsgen Tarouneh, stated that the citizens of the two countries have historical relations that have not been affected by political changes, noting that the benefits of the Renaissance Dam will be employed in strengthening these relations.

    Tarouneh valued the cooperation of the two intelligence services, pointing out that this cooperation will be used to reduce organized crime and threats in order to achieve security and stability in the two countries and to confront challenges in the region and the region.

    SOURCE (Translated from Arabic)

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    Evarist Chahali

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