#KenyaDecides2022: nation on edge as electoral body fails real-time results test

    The failure to provide credible, real-time and updated election results in the Kenya presidential election has stoked tension in the east African country.

    Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu, an agent of Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga, was quoted by the Daily Nation as urging the IEBC chairman to update Kenyans on the provisional results to “quell building tension” in the country.

    “I am appealing to the IEBC chairman to come out and give us the official presidential election results,” said Ngilu.

    “You cannot keep the country in the waiting mood forever,” she added.

    ChimpReports understands the development comes at a time rumours of interference in the transmission of results are spreading like a wildfire on social media platforms especially WhatsApp and Twitter.

    Election observers under the IRI/NDI umbrella said “the elections have not been without challenges, particularly concerns about last minute changes to the Election Day procedures, and about the security and timeliness of the transmission and announcement of results.”

    “These challenges could exacerbate pre-existing trust deficits and threaten confidence in the proces,”  said the 30-member international and bipartisan delegation comprised of members from 13 countries co-led by Joaquim Chissano, former President of Mozambique;

    As the tabulation process continues, the joint NDI/IRI mission called for all parties, candidates, and their supporters to adhere to the commitments they have made to peaceful elections and to reject violence.

    “If disputes arise, we call upon all parties to resolve them peacefully and through appropriate procedural and legal channels. Once the election is concluded, there should be a peaceful and timely transition of power regardless of the outcome,” said the Observer group.

    IEBC said results transmission of form 34A from the polling stations is ongoing and was at 99.82 percent from 46,146 out of 46, 229 polling stations.

    The electoral body further said collating and announcement of results in a majority of the constituencies was complete and returning officers had started to physically deliver forms 34As and 34Bs to the national tallying centre.

    Commonwealth observers

    The Commonwealth observers said Kenya’s presidential elections were peaceful and transparent but that the country needs to strengthen the voting and reporting systems.

    “Some electoral processes such as the use of the Kenya Integrated Elections Management System (KIEMS) kit, which is used to register and identify voters using biometrics, the application of procedures by polling staff, and the time lag between the announcement of the official results by the IEBC and the provisional ones by the media, can be further strengthened,” said the Commonwealth observers.

    At the national tallying centre, officials are verifying transmitted images of results Form 34As against original Form 34As.

    The Commission will collate results and confirm the constitutional threshold of 50% + 1 vote and 25 percent of majority counties before declaring presidential results.

    The law requires the electoral body to undertake verification of the presidential election results and declare the president-elect within the seven days.


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