Ministry of Defense (MD) of Brazil welcomes delegation from the National Defense College of Tanzania

    Brasília (DF), 31/05/2022 - Military personnel from the National Defense College of Tanzania participated, this Monday (30), in a series of lectures promoted at the Ministry of Defense (MD) of Brazil. The event aimed to expand the relationship between the two countries and promote the exchange of knowledge in the field of Defense, aimed at the performance of the Ministry and the Brazilian Armed Forces. It thus contributes to the country's greater projection on the international stage of concert of nations.

    On the occasion, the Deputy Chief of International Affairs, Brigadier General Sérgio Rezende de Queiroz, welcomed the Tanzanian military. "It is with great satisfaction that the Ministry of Defense welcomes the delegation to this exchange, which is so important for the exchange of knowledge between our countries."

    At the meeting, topics such as strategic planning and joint action by the Brazilian Individual Forces were discussed, in addition to the main aspects of the national defense industry. Representatives of the Head of Strategic Affairs, as well as the Head of Joint Operations and the Secretary of Defense Products, all from the MD, were at the forefront of the explanations.

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    The Military Coordinator of the Deputy Chief of Policy and Strategy, Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Muller Pons, highlighted the importance of the event for Defense.

    “It is part of the strategic concept of defense to increase mutual trust with other nations. Therefore, being able to disclose the National Defense Policy and the National Defense Strategy to the delegation of the National Defense College of Tanzania, in addition to being provided for in these documents, is also extremely important for us to strengthen ties of friendship with African countries” , scored.


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    Evarist Chahali

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