New British Army chief warns UK must be ready for WAR with Russia

    Britain must be ready to 'fight and win' against Russia rather than repeating the mistakes of appeasement that let Hitler run riot, the new head of the Army warned today.

    In a dramatic intervention, General Sir Patrick Sanders said the country faces a '1937 moment' over Vladimir Putin's 'brutal aggression' - a reference to the notorious policy of giving ground to the German dictator before the Second World War.

    He said the will to 'act rapidly' was the only way to prevent Russia's expansionism ending in all-out war in Europe.

    'I will have an answer to my grandchildren should they ever ask what I did in 2022,' General Sanders said, adding that Beijing will be 'watching carefully' to see how the West responds.

    Underlining the stark message, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is expected to call for a major boost to military spending at the same Royal United Services Institute conference later.

    The calls for armament came after NATO - which is holding a crunch summit in the coming days - declared it is surging the number of troops on high alert from 40,000 to 300,000 troops, and sending more heavy weaponry to its eastern flank.

    The alliance's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called it 'the biggest overhaul of our collective defence and deterrence since the Cold War'. MORE


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