‘Sex-Espionage’ as a Method of Intelligence Agencies

    Abstract: Prof. Saša MIJALKOVIĆ, PhD
    Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies, Belgrade
    UDK 355. 535 : 343. 321 :: 343.542.1
    Original scientific papers
    Received: 02.03.2014.

    ‘Sex-espionage’ as a method of intelligence and security agencies
    Abstract: Although the organisation, operations and methods of security and intelligence services have been standardised by laws and are subject to both internal and external (parliamentary, administrative and judicial) control, these agencies frequently use methods conflicting the principles of legality and ethics.

    In fact, influenced by ‘panic’ demands to protect national values and interests ‘at all costs’, especially in an era of expanding global terrorism and transnational organised crime, security and intelligence agencies are increasingly guided by the maxime that ‘the end justifies the means’.

    Thus, on the one hand, the intelligence and security agencies conduct certain non-intelligence activities among which subversive (specific secret) operations and actions have a special role and importance. On the other hand, within the scope of their legal intelligence and security activities, the agencies frequently use illegal and unethical methods, some of which are based on emotional abuse of the persons subject to these activities.

    In this regard, the paper focuses on the abuse occuring when an operative or an agent of a security or intelligence service engages in an emotional or sexual relationship with a person who is a source of significant intelligence information, establishing a pseudo-emotional (fake love) relationship or blackmailing a person by compromising pornographic materials.


    Evarist Chahali

    Evarist Chahali

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