Spymaster vs spymaster: Somalia’s former spy chief Fahad Yasin has launched a stinging attack on his successor Mahad Salad, accuses him of being member of terror group al-Shabaab

    Somalia’s former spy chief Fahad Yasin has launched a stinging attack on the new director of the Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) Mahad Salad, who had been appointed just a few weeks ago.

    In a rare interview, Yasin said if Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud “had known Mahad, he would not have named him” and raised concern that secrets shared by spies with the new director might easily be found by outsiders.

    It follows a day after former acting Somali spy boss Yasin Farey repeated NISA claims that a female spy Ikran Tahlil, who had gone missing last year, was killed Al-Shabaab, though the Al-Qaeda affiliate earlier denied the assertion. Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble also called the explanation unsatisfactory and pointed finger at senior officials within NISA.

    Yasin has said new intelligence chief Mahad Salad is behind a series of assassinations and bombings in Mogadishu and other cities in Somalia loophole president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud appointing Al-Shabab terrorist Somali spy chief Mahad Salad.

    Fahad Yasin said in an interview that Mahad Salad was an Al-Shabab operative who facilitated their operations in Mogadishu and Somalia. The assassinations and bombings that Fahad Yasin said Mahad Salad is behind include.

    1. Assassination of the Prime Minister
    Fahad Yasin has said the new director of NISA is trying to assassinate one of Somalia’s former prime ministers, who he says is alive but declined to give his name.

    “Mahad Salad tried to assasinate one of the former prime ministers of Somalia using Al-Shabab. When I got the information, I called the prime minister and said, Mahad Salad and someone with him are coming? Yes, he told me, I told him not to take it, and the difference was 25 minutes, and in those minutes I intervened and he survived,” said Fahad Yassin.
    When asked to name the prime minister, he said he was not ready to say so.

    2. He has prepared explosives for the meeting of the two houses of the parliament.
    Fahad Yasin said Mahad Salad of plotting to blow up a meeting of the two houses of the former Somali parliament, according to the statement.

    “He planned and worked with Al-Shabab, Mahad Karatay and his employer to bring two cars and blow up the national leaders. They are alive. I did not give details, but I phoned Upper House Speaker Abdi Hashi and said. The meeting was canceled tomorrow for security reasons. I phoned Lower House Speaker Mohamed Mursal and told him to cancel the meeting. I told the president the same thing and I gave Farmajo all the details,” Fahad Yasin said.

    Fahad noted that the meeting between the two houses of the Somali parliament was canceled due to his warning.

    3. The assassination of the NISA commander in Dhusamareb
    Fahad Yasin has said the new director of NISA of is behind the assassination of the NISA commander in Dhusamareb.

    “Mahad Salad planned the assassination and killed him. Qooje Yare is said to be the commander of NISA in Dhusamareb. He is a young, intelligent, calm and valuable man,” said Fahad Yasin.

    4. Explosion in Galkayo
    Fahad Yasin also said Mahad Salad is behind an explosion in Galkayo during the Prime Minister’s visit.

    “He was behind the bombing, which killed the Galmudug military commander, Qooje, and two other senior government officials. We can identify the people who worked with him,” said Fahad Yasin.

    When asked if he would speak to Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre at the scene of the blast, Fahad agreed, noting that people were being targeted.

    5. Mortar shells hit Mogadishu
    Fahad Yasin has said Mahad Salad of working on a mortar attack on the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

    “The mortars fired in Mogadishu were sold by Mahad Salad, who fired them. He knew that we know he was working with Al-Shabab, but he was violating his parliamentary immunity,” he said. Fahad looked angry.

    Fahad Yasin said Somalia’s new president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud had made it easy for him to appoint Mahad Salad as NISA commander, describing him as a “protected enemy”.

    “It is unfortunate that the National Security Agency has been handed over to a man who is a security threat. I can describe it as a scandal of the last century,” Fahad said.

    6. The attack on Villa Somalia
    Fahad Yasin also said Mahad Salad of being involved in an earlier attack on the Villa Somalia presidential palace during Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud’s presidency, but did not elaborate.

    Finally, Fahad said that the new president of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, had sent a message to a friend when he heard that Mahad Salad was to be appointed as the head of the organization and warned him not to take that step, but he said he was shocked to hear the news. say that Mahad Salad has been appointed to the post.


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