Tanzania: Was Reported Burning Down of Cashewnut Godown at Kilimahewa Village,Mtwara by Insurgents from Mozambique Related to Military Regulating Cashew Trade to Prevent Cross-border Transactions?

    According to Cabo Ligado's latest sitrep

    Insurgents returned to Tanzania last week, their second confirmed incursion in October. On the night of 20 October, insurgents entered Kilimahewa, a village in the Tandahimba district of Mtwara region, north of Cabo Delgado’s Nangade district.
    The insurgents burned down a cashew nut warehouse in the village and captured an unknown number of civilians. The next day, a Tanzanian military detachment arrived from an encampment about 25 kilometers away and freed the hostages.
    It is unclear if any casualties resulted from the incident. The warehouse belonged to a Tanzanian cashew plantation owner, and the Tanzanian military has recently been involved in regulating the cashew trade to prevent cross-border transactions. Still, though, there is a strong possibility that the warehouse contained at least some Mozambican product.
    Southern Tanzania has become an even more important export hub for Mozambican cashew producers since the conflict in Cabo Delgado began, as many Mozambican cashew processing and storage facilities have been rendered unusable by the violence.

    Was the incident related to the Tanzania People Defence Forces' regulating role of the cashewnut trade to prevent cross-border transactions or was it part of ongoing insurgent activities in Southern part of Tanzania and Northern part of Mozambique?

    Evarist Chahali

    Evarist Chahali

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