Tanzania: ISIS-affiliated terrorists attacked Michenjele on June 19 killing 4 and burned houses, also number of casualties reported in June 22 attack at Chiumo

    According to @CaboDelgado, on June, ISIS-affiliated insurgents operating in Mozambique attacked Michenjele in the southern region of Mtwara in Tanzania. At least 4 people were reportedly killed and several houses looted and burned

    3 days later, they attacked Chiumo, still in Mtwara, and at least 10 Tanzanian soldiers were killed, according to reports.

    On the same day there were battles in Nangade, Mozambique

    "Tanzania has 9 military bases along the border with Cabo Delgado. There is a significant presence of the TPDF [Tanzania People's Defence Forces] in Mtwara which deter cross-border attacks but Tanzania remains a good recruiting base and a "good haven" for the insurgents," tweeted one of the most credible sources of news about the insurgency in Mozambique.

    " The porosity of the border with Tanzania is an element facilitating the movements of the insurgency.

    Recently, there have been reports of insurgent reinforcements from DR Congo  and Kenya arriving in CaboDelgado via Tanzania," @CaboDelgado added.

    The source concluded that latest events between the DR Congo and Rwanda  generate a loss of confidence, it seems the TPDF are afraid to share information concerning daily operations

    " This makes operations difficult to conduct for SAMIM when each country operates in its own way."

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    Evarist Chahali

    Evarist Chahali

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