VIDEO: Tanzania's Spymaster Diwani Athumani, Army Chief Gen Venance Mabeyo and Police Boss Simon Sirro in Mozambique for Talks about Insurgency

    The Director General of Tanzania Intelligence and Security Services (TISS) Diwani Athumani, Defence Forces Chief General Venance Mabeyo and the Inpector General of Police Simon Sirro met with their Mozambican counterparts to assess operational cooperation in the fight against the ISCAP insurgency.

    The meeting which no media in Tanzania reported about, took place amid reports of the insurgency in Northern Mozambique is spreading.

    General Mabeyo said that security along the border would remain a top priority even when the situation stabilises, which he cautioned could be hard to estimate. He also insisted that the two nations "do not have to wait for others to come to help."

    IGP Sirro challenged security and defence forces in both Mozambique and Tanzania to hold themselves responsible whenever a life is lost in attacks by the insurgents. He also sent a strong message to those conspiring to provide support to the insurgents, saying "they are terrorists too, even if they happen to belong to law enforcement agencies."

    Evarist Chahali

    Evarist Chahali

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