Uganda on High Alert over Terror Threats in Kenya

    Uganda has put security services on a higher alert over terror threats in neighbouring Kenya.

    “The Counter terror task teams, are closely monitoring the travel alerts issued by the US and French Embassies, advising their citizens to exercise caution as they go about their activities in Kenya, due to a heightened risk of terrorist activities,” said police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

    Uganda last year suffered several bomb attacks by suspected ADF/ISCAP terror group, leaving 8 people dead and many more injured.

    Uganda’s armed forces responded by mounting a manhunt for ADF terrorists in Uganda before striking the outfit’s encampments in eastern DRC.

    Enanga said the threat environment of terrorism still exists in Uganda.

    “We have now entered day 73, since the deadly suicide attacks occurred at CPS and Parliament Avenue. Other incidents of attack occurred in Beni DRC.  All these threats and attacks do demonstrate that terrorists and their local affiliates have the ability to plan and execute attacks in our countries,” he added.

    “And now that the economy is fully opened, we call upon each and everyone to always be alert to the possibility, that terrorists, radicalised individuals and groups, who are enemies to our country, may conduct attacks.”

    Inside Uganda, a total of 12 suspected terrorists have been killed and a total of 113 have been arrested.

    President Museveni on New Year Eve said ADF sent a group of terrorists to Pader, to plant a bomb during the burial of Lt. General Lokech, apparently, because he had devotedly hunted them after the attack on Katumba.

    Enanga said in Uganda, terrorists have attacked, people at eating points, buses with passengers, and also made attempts to enter CPS and Parliament.

    “The other areas of focus are tourist locations, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, parks, high profile events, educational institutions, airports, markets, shopping malls, government installations and other soft targets.  Therefore, all citizens, Ugandan and non-Ugandan, are urged to be extra vigilant in all places,” said Enanga.

    “Meanwhile, our operations aimed at preventing, stopping, disrupting and dismantling the ADF terror cells and other hostile cells within the country are still active and ongoing.  We do thank our CT task teams, for their efforts in mitigating acts of terror and effecting arrests of remnants to the terror cells, including their agents and collaborators, within the country.”


    Evarist Chahali

    Evarist Chahali

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