Uganda: opposition leader Besigye says President Museveni is behind his General son's threat to invade Kenya, "that's why he the one who apologised on his behalf"

    Ugandan opposition figure, Col Dr Kizza Besigye has said the recent debate on Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s threat to invade neighboring Kenya was “missing the bigger picture.”

    Instead, Dr Besigye says, the discussion should have focused on what he believes is a simmering plan by President Yoweri Museveni to build a family empire across the East African region.

    “This is nothing but a family rule issue, and Museveni, the head of that family has for years been clearly intent on expanding his power beyond the border,” Besigye said on Saturday morning.

    “Forget about Muhoozi because he’s just within that family…you would be missing the point if you focused on him. That is in fact why the father is the one apologizing on his behalf.”

    President Museveni earlier in the week issued a public apology to the people of Kenya over Gen Muhoozi’s tweet, in which he touted the Ugandan army’s ability to capture the Kenyan capital Nairobi in under two weeks.

    In the same breath however, Museveni justified his decision to promote Muhoozi to the rank of General, saying; it was a reward for the “many other positive contributions the General has made and can still make.”

    Speaking on a streamed TV show about the matter today, Dr Besigye said the people of Kenya and East Africa need to pay attention to President Museveni’ cues about extending his influence across the region.

    “Sometimes he (Museveni) couches this in terms of East African and African integration… He talks about his army, but if you trace where his army is, it is in South Sudan, it is in Somalia, DRC etc. This should tell you what his intention is. There is no doubt that he would want to use this force to extend his power.”

    But the former Presidential candidate believes on the other hand that the people in neighboring countries, particularly in Kenya, “are more alert than us” and will not allow this expansionism.

    “The people of Kenya pay attention to regional affairs than us. They are alert, and they know that it is not just Muhoozi. They know that even without Muhoozi, there is a family in Uganda that captured Uganda and that seeks to expand its power beyond its borders,” Besigye said.


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    Evarist Chahali

    Evarist Chahali

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