Brotherly, pan-African spirit: Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) donate to orphanage in Tanzania

    The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF), Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi has made a donation of two million Tanzanian Shillings to Assalam Orphans Center in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

    The monetary donation was made by his representative and UPDF Chief of Civil-Military Cooperation (C/CIMIC), Brig Gen Emmanuel Rwashande during the last day of the 4th EAC armed Forces field activities.

    Rwashande said the funds will support the welfare of orphans at the center.

    “In the brotherly and Pan-African spirit, I appreciate the role played by the people of Tanzania to liberate Uganda. Some of the liberators came from Zanzibar,” he added.

    Brig Rwashande also thanked the leaders who are looking after the children saying “it’s a sign of value addition and enhancement to human security.”

    Rwashande delivering a speech at the function

    He said UPDF was allotted Zanzibar as an area of responsibility for the EAC CIMIC activities and therefore it is a good gesture and recognition to human security.

    The Chair Defence Liaison Office and Representative of the EAC Secretary General, Col William Rusodoka explained that CIMIC activities are conducted in line with the Protocol on Cooperation in Defence Affairs.

    “We are in Zanzibar to confirm and follow up the conduct of CIMIC activities as planned by EAC strategic leadership,” said Col Rusodoka.

    EAC Defence Liaison officers in a group photo with caretakers of the orphans

    He noted that such regional mechanism and armed forces’ joint exercises foster unity, development and strategic security among others.

    The Chief CIMIC for Tanzania Peoples’ Defence Forces (TPDF), Brig Gen Agatha Mary Katua said all activities in the six sectors are people-centered.

    “Ongoing activities are pro-people to augment the efforts of local governments through provision of medical services and donations to vulnerable groups,” said Brig Gen Katua.

    She noted that such activities enhance the cooperation between the armed forces and the people.

    “We are glad that nowadays, people come closer to their defence forces unlike before.”

    The orphans receiving goodies from the defence officials

    The delegation donated dozens of mattress, food stuffs and assorted items to both Assalam Orphans and Walezo (for the elderly) centers.

    On their part, the head of vulnerable centers, Assalam and Walezo, Hadija Hamis and Hamis Ali Hajji respectively thanked the Chiefs of Defence Forces of UPDF and TPDF for extending heartily offers to improve the plight of children and elders in communities.

    The ceremony was attended by EAC Defence Liaison officers from partner States, who included; The Chair Defence Liaison, Col William Rusodoka ( Burundi), Brig Gen Richard Karemire ( Uganda), Brig Gen Matur Dharua ( South Sudan), Col Raphael Kiptoo ( Kenya), Col Gerald Butera ( Rwanda) as well other senior officers.

    The delegation was received by the 101 Brigade commander of Zanzibar, Brig Gen Saidi Hassan Saidi.

    They later visited CIMIC medical camp at Npendae Level II Hospital where UPDF Contingent treated over 600 hundred patients and conducted public health sensitization to the surrounding communities.

    The 4th EAC Armed Forces CIMIC activity commenced on 26th Aug 2022, and culminated in the main celebration of TPDF day on 1 Sept 2022, in Dar El Salaam, Tanzania.


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