Unsung heroes of Kenyan spy agency: had NIS been politicised as most African intelligence services are, 'dark arts' would have made Uhuru's pick Raila a victor

    "Comparatively speaking, Kenyaโ€™s intelligence system today is the most effective and democratically-responsive intelligence institution in the region," argues Andrew Agaba and David Pulkol in their "Performance and Systems of Intelligence Bodies in the Great Lakes Region" chapter of The Changing Intelligence Dynamics in Africa publication.

    In the just-ended Kenyan presidential race, the incumbent (now outgoing) Uhuru Kenyatta made no secret that he wanted Raila Odinga to be his successor, and openly campaigned against his Deputy William Ruto, who eventually emerged a winner.

    Because in most countries, a president is a "de-facto" head of the intelligence service. In some countries, they are known as the intelligence sponsor. In most countries they not only appoints spy chiefs but they usually are the main "consumer" of daily intelligence reports too.

    It is therefore conceivable to think that President Uhuru would have been aware of the possibility of his preferred candidate Raila not lose the election, assuming the NIS got their assessment right. And in a state where a President has power to direct their intelligence engage in "dark arts" to make "the impossible possible," it goes without saying that Uhuru could have influenced NIS to act against Ruto.

    Or did NIS got their intelligence assessment of the presidential race wrong that the information passed to their "sponsor" Uhuru gave him false hope that Raila would have won the race?

    Or did they intentionally misled him to believe that "his candidate" Raila was winning? If so, deception which is one of best tools in intelligence

    Ujasusi Blog editor's tweets below more or less tell a similar tale:

    Congatulations to the men and women of the Kenyan National Intelligence Service (NIS) for adhering to their professionalism.

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