UK asylum plan: “We’d prefer not to receive people from neighbouring countries…like DRC, Burundi, Uganda or Tanzania,” says Rwanda's FM

    UK asylum plan: Rwanda to exclude those from neighbouring nationsC

    Some asylum seekers who cross the English Channel to the UK will be given a one-way ticket to Rwanda under new plans.

    The pilot scheme will focus on single men arriving on boats or lorries.

    Rwanda's Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta said at a press conference, where he appeared with UK Home Secretary Priti Patel, that this deal was not for people from neighbouring countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

    In a separate press conference, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the £120m ($157m) scheme would "save countless lives" from human trafficking.



    UK asylum deal: Is Rwanda a land of safety or fear?
    Visitors to Rwanda are often impressed by its efficiency, but should be careful what they say.
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